07.15.2014   Haymarket Food Pantry Participates in Workday Cangineering Challenge by Michelle Baker, Prince William Times
Volunteers for the Workday D.C. Cangineering Challenge spent approximately 120 hours perfecting their national artfully delicious sculpture entry at Haymarket Regional Food Pantry headquarters last week. Workday is a cloud-based software vendor with offices worldwide — including in Washington, D.C. Sixteen different Workday offices are competing to win bragging rights and a company donation for their favorite cause. Fortunately, for local residents, food pantry board member Eileen Smith and her team in Workday’s Washington, D.C. office jumped into the challenge. . . READ MORE
07.14.2014   Haymarket Food Pantry Participates in Workday Cangineering Challenge by Christine Craddock, Haymarket Beat
The Haymarket Food Pantry unveiled their canned goods sculpture July 17 as part of the Third Annual Workday Cangineering Challenge sponsored by the Workday Foundation. Workday Foundation was established in 2013 with the goal of supporting charitable causes that are important to Workday employees. The foundation’s mission is to engage and encourage their employees to “make a positive impact” in their communities. . . READ MORE
06.05.2013   Battlefield Freshman Launches Food Pack Service at Alvey Elementary
Julia Burks, a freshman at Battlefield High School is also a member of the Girl Scouts. As a member of the Girl Scouts, Julia has made a commitment to help the hungry children in the Manassas community through the Girl Scout Gold Award project. The Gold Award project, which started this past spring provides weekend food packs for the students in need at Alvey Elementary school in Haymarket,Virginia.. . . READ MORE
11.14.2012   Next Level Collecting Foodstuffs for Haymarket Food Pantry
Next Level Fitness & Performance in Haymarket is hosting a food drive through Dec. 14 for the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry’s “Holiday Meals in a Basket.” The drive is open to members of the personally focused gym as well as to members of the community. . . READ MORE
10.06.2012   Food Pantry Auction Deemed a Success
Despite a small crowd, the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry fall Dinner and Auction was deemed a win by all. “Friday night was a great success,” said HRFP board member Celeste Corrigan, who spearheaded the event with her daughter, Jennifer Schadowsky . . . READ MORE
08.30.2012   Teen holds food drive to aid Haymarket Regional Food Pantry
Sparked by a conversation she overheard about the decreasing donations to the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry over the summer, Gainesville resident Gabby DiRocco asked her neighbors in Oak Valley, a neighborhood of about 250 homes, to help. . . READ MORE
06.21.2012   BHS Sophomore Wins Food Pantry Logo Design Contest
Representatives from the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry recently visited Michael McGaugh’s graphic design class at Battlefield High School to announce the winner of the food pantry’s logo design contest. Sophomore Jazmin Austin was selected as the winning artist and received a $100 . . . READ MORE
09.16.2011   Haymarket Food Pantry Plans Benefit
Asking for donations, begging businesses, calling in favors: these are the ABCs of putting together a nonprofit fundraiser. Seven local women recently put on their thinking caps, put together an ABC plan, and put out the word; they plan to raise $10,000 for the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry . . . READ MORE
09.15.2011   Pantry Food Donations Welcome on Haymarket Day
Hundreds of people are expected to come out and enjoy the Haymarket Day festivities from 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m. They can bring canned goods or other nonperishable food items to donate to the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry located in a refurbished house next to the Haymarket Police Department on Washington Street . . . READ MORE
08.13.2011   Haymarket Food Pantry Stuggles for Donations During Tough Economy
The Haymarket Regional Food Pantry volunteers give what they have and hope for more every time they open the door. “Do you have any milk today?” asked a young mom. “Not today.” Another person inquired . . . READ MORE
03.01.2011   Community Gathers to Celebrate New & Improved Food Pantry
The new location for the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry opened in January, so consider this past weekend’s festivities just a tad overdue for a charity that is so well regarded within the town’s community . . . READ MORE
02.27.2011   Haymarket Food Pantry Expands in Face of Economic Woes
“It is very overwhelming to see the generosity in the community,” said Supervisor John Stirrup, Gainesville. “I think it’s a great testament to … what you’re all about.” Gift Number One: Space in the town hall for food to distribute to needy. And when that space overfilled . . . READ MORE