Support Haymarket Regional Food Pantry

Ways to Donate

Donate Money

With our ability to leverage costs through our network of partners and local vendors, your financial contribution can go further to helping fight hunger than you might expect. Set up a recurring or one-time donation today.

Donate Food

If you'd like to donate goods like food and hygiene items, we have a list of items that we are in the most need for. Help us by providing those physical goods when others need them most.

In addition to supporting us financially or through donations of physical goods, you might consider giving time out of your day to come serve the food pantry as a volunteer.

Passive Giving

Support Us With Things You Already Do

In addition to financial and physical donations, there are also some ways you can add support to the food pantry through things you are already doing.

Give with Bing

Search the internet with Bing and Microsoft will donate to our food pantry.

Planned Giving

Talk with your financial advisor or estate planner about a legacy gift to Haymarket Regional Food Pantry. Check back soon for more options to help plan your gifts to our work.