Organize A Virtual Fundraising Drive

Virtual fundraising events that individuals, organizations, businesses, companies, clubs, teams, and communities do, help us raise much needed funding used to purchase every day food staples in bulk.  

Regardless the size, every fundraising event helps us reduce food insecurity in our community!

Help us turn a $1 donation into $4 of food!

Virtual Fundraising Drives

Hosting a virtual food drive is easy and well suited for individuals, companies, and community groups alike.  A fundraising drive also allows each participant to make either a one time donation online or a recurring monthly contribution to the Food Pantry.  (Recurring monthly contributions help us budget months in advance, making it easier to plan, stock and distribute much needed food to our clients.)


Your hosting a virtual fundraising drive allows us to raise much needed cash where we can turn a one dollar donation into four dollars of our most-needed food staples helping us reduce food insecurity in our community.


How do we turn a dollar into four dollars?

We work with our partners purchasing selected items in bulk at greatly reduced prices so we always have them in stock for our clients.

Haymarket Food Pantry

Contact us to discuss how we can create an online fundraiser that works for you.

Ideas for Fundraising!    Turning a $1 donation into $4 of Food

Celebrating Milestones

Birthdays, anniversaries or graduations are all great reasons to fundraise. Instead of birthday gifts, ask your friends to donate to your fundraiser.

Group Fundraising

Organize a drive at your work, school, religious or other organization and bring your group closer while you work together to feed the community.

Turn a Hobby into Food

Like to bike? Run? Skate? Quilt? Crochet? Read? Make free throws? Kick soccer or field goals?  Whatever your hobby, recruit friends and family to support you.

Create Your Own Event

Whether it's hosting a virtual event or climbing a mountain, having a teen lock-in, hosting a bingo or texas hold'em night, the only limit is your imagination!

Organize a Fundraising Drive