How We Measure Success

Our Reports

Thanks to the support from our partners and supporters like you, we are able to change the lives of our neighbors. Learn more about food insecurity, our clients, volunteers, donors and finances over the years.

Annual Impact Report 2022

Due to the support of our partners and contributors like you, the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry is stronger than ever and prepared for the months and years ahead to help our neighbors facing food insecurity. We thank each one of you and hope you enjoy reading about all that has been accomplished due to your support.

Eileen Smith, Executive Director

Other Reports and Information

HRFP Client Statistics (updated April 4, 2023)

Files include:

  • Number of Client Households Served per Month (yearly comparison)
  • Number of Client Households and People Served by City
  • Age of People Served
  • Frequency of Client Visits

For more information, visit our Impact page.

2024 Strategic Plan (updated April 1, 2024)

In January 2024, the HRFP Planning Team began assessing the state of food insecurity in Prince William County and the dramatic growth in clients over the last couple of years. After thorough discussion, we concluded that the paramount issue facing the HRFP was sustainability.

As such, we set out to implement five strategies and associated action plans for each we will use to achieve our mission, vision, and sustainability in 2024.

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