Organize A Food Drive

No matter if it is just you, you and a few neighbors, your organization, club, team or organization at school, a small business or large corporation, every food drive regardless the size makes a difference in reducing food insecurity in our community!

Big or Small, You Can Make A Difference

Host a Food Drive

It's easy!  Fill out the contact form below and download our Food Drive Guide showing you how to organize and host a food drive, helping us fill the shelves of the food pantry.  We will contact you answering any questions you may have and finalizing the details.  There are 6 easy steps to follow.

Any time of the year is a good time to have a food drive.  Most people have them around the holiday season.  We ask that you would consider a time of year where we may not have as many donations ie: the summer or back to school seasons in addition to the holiday season.  We appreciate you helping feed our community.

Haymarket Food Pantry, Haymarket Food Pantry Food Drive
Park Valley Church Food Drive, Haymarket Food Pantry

Food Drives Help Us Stock Our Shelves With Variety

Group Food Drives

Groups and organizations can collect nonperishable food items anytime at an event or competition, or club at school, their work or where they worship.

Work Place Food Drives

Food drives at work can bring employees together around a great cause. Your employer can also participate by donating per pound of food donated.

Community Food Drives

Lake Manassas Women's group showing the proceeds of their cereal food drive.  Other ideas can include diaper drives, pasta drives, kid's snacks, etc.

Create Your Food Drive

Have fun creating a unique food drive for your next event. Idea: Use social media & flyers asking neighbors to leave can donations at specific homes on Halloween.

Haymarket Food Pantry
Help us turn a $1 donation into $4's of food!

Virtual Fundraising Drives

Hosting a virtual food drive is easy and well suited for individuals, companies, and community groups alike.  Money raised through these drives allow us to  turn a one dollar donation into four dollars of our most-needed food items for people facing hunger.  How do we turn a dollar into four dollars. We work with our partners purchasing selected items in bulk so we always have them in stock.

Organize a Food Drive