50,000 Birthday Cakes? Talk About A Sweet Partnership!

Haymarket Regional Food Pantry celebrates partner Cake4Kids donating their 50,000th cake to a child in need


On June 9, our Haymarket Regional Food Pantry (HRFP) partner, Cake4Kids, celebrated donating their 50,000th birthday cake to a child in need nationwide. 

Cake4Kids, a volunteer based organization that bakes and delivers free birthday cakes for underserved children who might not otherwise receive one, generously chose to deliver the special cake to the HRFP to support a local child. Cake4Kids has delivered over 300 cakes to the HRFP since March 2022.

“We were so thrilled to celebrate this milestone of bringing 50,000 birthday cakes to children in need alongside the HRFP. We have always had a great experience with the volunteers of the food pantry. Every single baker who has delivered to the HRFP has been greeted so kindly and enthusiastically." said Cake4Kids Northern Virginia Ambassador, Mary Campbell. "Cake4Kids was pleased to share this moment with such a dedicated community partner."


It is our privilege to be a community partner for Cake4Kids, ensuring all children, regardless of circumstance, get the birthday celebration they deserve. 50,000 donated cakes is no small task and we commend their commitment to supporting children across the country through local bakers and donations to food pantries, like ours. 

"As a public school teacher for 20 years, I understand how important a child's birthday is to them. Regardless of all other circumstances, every child deserves to feel special on at least one day of the year, their birthday," said Tracey McGinnis, HRFP volunteer in charge of our birthday bag program. "Cake4Kids is a wonderful organization and partner to HRFP. They're kind, easy to work with, and create and deliver the most amazing custom birthday cakes for our child clients. We've had cakes decorated as unicorns, volcanoes, NFL stadiums, sharks, beaches, Trolls, Elmo, monster trucks and more! Anyone would be beyond proud to provide their child with one of these cakes."

The adorable, handmade cake from a local volunteer baker went to a local child in our area to help them celebrate their 7th birthday. We look forward to the continued partnership with Cake4Kids!

About Cake4Kids: https://www.cake4kids.org/ 

Cake4Kids delivers free custom homemade birthday cakes to at-risk and underserved youth across the country. The youth they serve may be in foster or kinship care, living in group homes, survivors of domestic violence or human trafficking, living in low-income housing with or without a parent, or even homeless. It may just be a cake, but the children they bake for know that a stranger took the time and effort to do something special just for them. Cake4Kids partners with agencies, private and public, to provide custom, homemade cakes and sweets.