Giant Food Community Bag Program: Oct 2019

Giant Food Community Bag Program Marketing

Exciting news! Haymarket Regional Food Pantry has been selected to be a beneficiary of the Giant Food Community Bag Program for the month of October 2019!

How it works

Each time a reusable $2.50 Community Bag is purchased at the Giant Food located at 5581 Merchants View Square, Haymarket VA, $1 will be donated to Haymarket Regional Food Pantry, unless otherwise directed by the customer through the Giving Tag.  This is a great way to raise awareness, support the environment and fundraise for our cause.

Program FAQs

What is the Giant Food Community Bag Program?

The Giant Food Community Bag Program, which debuts in July 2019, is a reusable bag program that facilitates community support with the goal to make a difference in the communities where shoppers live and work.

Does it matter which Giant I go to?

Yes, if you want the donations to automatically support the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry. Our sponsoring Giant for the month of July is located at 5581 Merchants View Square, Haymarket VA.  However, if you shop at another Giant in the surrounding area, you are able to specifically direct your donation to the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry by following the directions on the bag’s Giving Tag.

Where can the bags be found at the store?

The bags are available at various registers and at the reusable bag rack by self checkout.  If you are having trouble finding the bag, ask the store manager where the Giant Food Community Bag is located and they will be happy to show you!

How many nonprofits benefit from the Community Bag Program?

Every month, Giant Food contributes money to approximately 166 non-profits local to the communities in which each Giant Food serves.  Recipient organizations change monthly based on the selections made by store leadership.

To learn more about this program, please visit

Spread the Word

Want to take it one step further? You can help us spread the word!  Find us on Facebook and share our Community Bag Program post, or snap a photo of your bag purchase, share and tag us on social media @haymarketfoodpantry!

Many thanks to all of our donors and volunteers for continued support of our mission.