Hungry Please Help – Referral Cards

Many have asked us “What should I do when I see someone in our community who needs help? Giving a few dollars doesn’t feel like it’s enough.”

HRFP Referral Card

Whether it’s a stranger at an intersection or a close friend in need, giving money directly to an individual is awkward and leaves us unsure if it can bring meaningful change to the person who is struggling.

In lieu of giving cash at an intersection, we suggest you offer a bottle of water or a granola bar along with an HRFP Referral Card. This will meet an immediate need while connecting them with the services offered here at the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry!

Download and print the HRFP Referral Card file. Keep a few HRFP Referral Cards in your wallet or car so they are available when the opportunity presents itself.
(Note: clients must reside in the HRFP Service Area, which is primarily northern/western Prince William County)

These cards are free to everyone to download and print. Print Your Referral Cards today!